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My Girls December 23, 2008

This is a place where my girls can use their creative hearts and minds…so there is no idea what might show up on this page.  🙂


hey mom this is moriah.  i love you so much.  you are so awesome.  i love your heart.  i can just tell when i look into your eyes.  i can just tell you are so in love with god.  you are the most amazing mom anyone could ever have.

love you mom

– Moriah


hi mommy this is montana i just wunt to say that i love you and i wunt you to now that i think you alove your a  haw good mommy you dont wine and git fruthtrratide at me and you  aor my favrite mommy in the wold from montana to mommy



3 Responses to “My Girls”

  1. Traci Langford Says:

    Blake and Ally,
    Your girls are so cute. The back ground is gorgeous. I know you will miss that when you move to Nashville. Hope to see you all at OCC soon for a visit.

  2. Pamela Says:

    Beautiful girls!!!

  3. Brook Says:

    Hey Aunt Ally,
    This is Brook, how are you? When are you going to come down and visit? Also how long has it been since you have gotten on here? I called the girls today to talk to you, but I called them on my grandpa’s phone that is probably why they didn’t answer. Ok email me,
    Love ya,

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