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Making a Difference November 17, 2009

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This past July I was blessed to get to go on a short term mission trip with our church to the Dominican Republic.  I tried my hardest to soak in every sound, smell, taste, and thought I had on that trip.  I left there different than before.  I wanted to give back to G.O. Ministries.  Jeff and Vicki Rogers are a precious couple who truly love the Lord, and have a heart for the Dominican people.  If you live in a city that has a Kroger Grocery Store, you can help Jeff and Vicki just by buying groceries!  I would encourage you to go here to check it out!  Here are a few pics from this past summer:


7 Responses to “Making a Difference”

  1. Sherry Scheid Says:

    Dominick and I have a heart for Missions. Neither one of us have been on a Mission trip before. We went to the Dominician Republic last June but it was on our honeymoon. We are praying about going In March 2010.

    • allyberg Says:

      Sherry-I absolutely encourage you to go! It was so amazing to do this with Blake! You and Dominick would grow just doing this together! I say…GO FOR IT!!:)

      • Sherry Scheid Says:

        What is the dates for the DR Mission trip and who do we contact to get more info about the trip> We missed the Missions meeting a few weeks ago.
        Thanks- Sherry

  2. I love that we got to do this together! I love you baby! Have a great day!

  3. i’m ready to head back myself! i’ve known jeff and vicki for years… before they were jeff AND vicki in fact and seeing them in an element that is so perfectly them warms my heart. love what i’ve learned form their ministry. they’re both full of inspiration!

  4. 2 posts in a row!!! yay!!! 🙂

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