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Secret pleasures! February 10, 2009

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So this weekend Blake gave me some alone time!  And since I am an introvert, it is alone time in every since of the word!  There are times that I really want to go out with the girls, and then there are time I literally don’t want to have to talk to any one!  🙂 And Sunday afternoon was one of those times!  One of my secret pleasures is going to thrift stores!  My sweet mother in law, Drexell, is a pro at finding great deals at thrift stores!  So I have had the joy of getting to go to these stores with her over the years!  Blake went to thrift stores growing up!  So we have gone to them often!  When I first started going, I was kinda taken off gaurd by the “organized chaos”, but over time have grown to appreciate it!  I enjoy looking at all the dishes, home decor, games, appliances, and clothes that people have considered “junk” and thrown into their Goodwill piles to get rid of.  I am one of those people as well.  And ya know what…when you buy something like a coffee pot from a thrift store and only pay a buck fifty for it…you don’t feel near as guilty about throwing it out!  So anyway… back to Sunday…there are several thrift stores on the main street close to our house.  So I decided to go spend some time pleasuring myself with other peoples junk!  The last store I went in was kinda overwhelming.  It was really messy, the music was blaring, and for a Sunday afternoon it seemed REALLY busy!  (especially for a thrift store)  But as I proceeded to shop…and I found a treasure!  I found a khaki colored denim jacket for $1.08!   Absolutely nothing wrong with it!  Not one thing…except that it smelled like a thrift store!  So you better bet I bought that jacket right there! A DOLLAR and a DIME later…I had a myself a really cute jacket.  I came home, stuck it in the washer, and like a little girl with a new shirt, wore my jacket to Bible study the next morning!  I love it when I find great steals! I am sure there aren’t many of you out there who enjoy thrift stores the way my family does, but if you are one of the few…I would love a buddy to go with next time!

So tell me…what’s a secret pleasure you have?


12 Responses to “Secret pleasures!”

  1. Amber Says:

    So, I have never got too excited about thrift store shopping. I do not have the proper amount of patience that it takes to find those steals. If someone could just point the steal out to me that would be great. But….my secret pleasure would be a completed scrapbook page. When I really work hard and am creative with it and am able to journal the feelings and thoughts that went along with that memory, there is a true satisfaction. I don’t get enough time to scrapbook, but none the less I truly love it!

    • allyberg Says:

      I would love to scrapbook…but I don’t have the time (or creativity) to do it! So i will find the deals for you…and you can do the scrapbook ready made for me! 🙂 Thanks for the comment! blessings!

  2. Sailor Says:

    Girl, I love to thrift. I love the idea of nobody else (for the most part) having my quirky and wierd combination ensemble! I will go with you anyday. I have heard about a couple of secret shops that the main Nash crew don’t know about. Undiscovered Treasures!! Call me. We’ll thrift!

  3. Ristiroo Says:

    my secret pleasure is getting time to myself reading a really good book or magazine or the back of a shampoo bottle…..I just really love to read, anything….blogs my baby sister has written….yeah, I’ll read anything

    love you!!!

  4. Drexell Says:


    what a sweet blog…..I know exactly how you felt. You just needed to “get out of Dodge” and you just never know what
    you will find. Just wish I could have gone with you. I’m glad
    that you have adopted my “silly vice”! It provides an outlet
    for our frustrations, but it doesn’t cost very much. I do lots
    of thinking when I’m “searching” and that thinking time is
    very important for our mental health—-I really believe that! Hope you felt better when you got home—I always do.
    That may be the same “high” that mall shoppers get, but I
    don’t need the guilt that goes with that…..
    Thanks for sharing and for including me in your writing.
    Love you…..Mom

  5. then when sailor shows you her secret stores will you show me??? 🙂 nothing is better than a good bargain!

  6. Jenni Catron Says:

    I loved your jacket! Good find!

  7. Pamela Says:

    I am so blessed to live smack-dab between a Goodwill and Salvation Army!!! My girls and I do lots of ‘stopping for a moment’ on our way home!!! I always feel so blessed coming out with a bargain!!!
    Still looking to find that small Visions saucepan lid…somebody has one they want to get rid of, I know!!!

  8. Nana Joyce Says:

    Ally – I just knew there was a real reason I like you. I too love to thrift-store shop. When we still lived in Tulsa, I even got my granddaughter and grandson hooked. We called it good-willing. They loved looking for stuffed animals, toys, books, etc. They usually used the excuse (like they needed one) that Molly (our chocolate lab) needed some new toys (strong stuffed toys!) Molly still has some we bought her 2-3 years ago. Now that’s a bargain!

  9. Bernadette Says:

    I’ve always shopped at thrift stores. As a kid, we traded clothes with other families. As a young parent, it was all we could afford. Now, I just enjoy it, especially when I have a few hours to myself.

    I, too, married a man who grew up going to thrift stores (& garage stores). AC’s mom can spot a good buy a mile away, then turn around and make a tidy profit on it. OR she’ll find the perfect outfit for “somebody” who will just show up one day.

    So if y’all ever happen to come to the east side of ATL, give me a shout & I’ll take you out to see the “sights”.

  10. Lisa Says:

    My favorite thing to do, so PLEASEcall me and we’ll go together…can’t wait to go to the one in Spring hill. heard it’s great!

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