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We are HERE!!!! January 12, 2009

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Alright…so I fell off the blogging planet for a few weeks!  I had a few things to do…pack up all our junk…find a house to rent…put all our junk in a u-haul…get the flu the day we’re moving…unload all our junk…unpack all our junk…arrange all our junk…and then…feel like we are home!  WOW!  What a crazy few weeks!  Here’s what I have realized.  We have so much stuff…and honestly-I am one to get rid of things easily.  How is it that every time we move, we get there and get rid of stuff…then when it comes time to move again…we still fill up the uhaul full?!?!  I have a dear friend, Anne, who moved from Oklahoma a few months ago and only had like 38 boxes.  Now granted, she and Chris have no children, but come on…I wished this past  week we didn’t have so much stuff.  We can’t take it to Heaven with us…so why do we continue to haul it all over the country?

Okay…enough of my tangent-we are here…God gave us a great little rental right around the corner from the church.  It is a cute little house, built in 1930!  I love it…can’t afford to buy it…but love it!  I’ll try to post pictures later!  Thank you all for praying us here…and continuing to pray that we settle in quickly and the girls make friends!  We went to dinner at one of the pastors’  houses Saturday.  They have three daughters our girls’ ages, and they homeschool.  The girls seemed to click easily.  It made going to church the next morning less nerve-racking.  They had familiar faces to look for!  It blessed this mother’s heart!

So I will try to do better with this blog thing.  Our pastor really hit home yesterday about the fear of failure.  I feel really inadequate to write anything worth reading…and had just yesterday told Blake I thought I was in over my head with this thing.  But Pastor Pete reminded us of the Scripture in Exodus where God tells Moses that he will never leave him and is holding his right hand.  So, as incapable as I feel, I think this is out of my comfort zone and I need to do it for that reason!  I will never know if I don’t try!

SOOO…bear with me…thanks for leaving comments and encouraging words!  If I don’t respond it is because I am still trying to figure this thing out!  I am not the most technically literate person on the planet.  So, come take this adventure of new beginnings and new challenges with me!  It could be fun…especially with God holding my right hand!


8 Responses to “We are HERE!!!!”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Welcome home!! God bless.

  2. Thanks for writing. I miss you guys more than words could express. I think I am getting to hang with you guys in Nashtown in March. I am looking forward to the richness of the family that I love beyond words. Hug your hubby for me and know that you are prayed for numerous times everyday by a guy that loves you both more than you will ever know.

  3. babe…are you joking me? you learned how to hyperlink? i am so proud of you. i love that you are doing this blog. i am sure that God will continue to use this platform to minister to lots of people.

    your man,


  4. Laura Says:

    Hi Ally B!
    I just gave you some blog love on my blog- go check it out!

    Love you!

  5. @blake… haha, that’s hilarious that you’re proud of her learning to hyper link! 🙂

    ally, we’re so excited you’re here!!! truly so excited to have you at crosspoint and to have you as friends. if there’s anything i can do please don’t hesitate to ask!

  6. Pamela Says:

    So glad to hear you are all moved in and doing well!!! I admit, I would check your blog ever so often…just to see!!!
    Thankful to that your girls have already made friends, that makes the transition so much easier!

  7. Jenni Catron Says:

    So glad you are here!

  8. Celeste Bivens Says:

    Hey, I’m friends with Laura – got your link off her top 5 blogs – can’t believe you moved to Nashvegas – I live in Murfreesboro. We have to get together – any friend of Laura’s is a friend of mine!

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