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Favorite Christmas Memory December 23, 2008

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201_4370Things are going to be a little different this year for Christmas.  You see, we decided to live communally for a time, and we moved in with Blake’s brother’s family.  They too have 4 kiddos.  Yes, you read that right!  There are 12 of us all living under one roof.  That’s for another blog though.  So I was thinking about this Christmas and the memories that will be made. It will be a Christmas they will never forget.  Then I started to daydream about our Christmases past.  I don’t know which one my family would say was their favorite, but I know which one is mine!

Last year, our church was giving away Lifepacks to the foster care system.  It’s like an angel tree.  Same idea.  So Blake had this idea to ask the girls if they wanted to give up one of their presents to a child who would probably not get one this year.   Without hesitation, Moriah, piped in and said, “I’ll give two of mine!”  Now, this was a big deal!  You see, we only give our kids three gifts each for Christmas.  So for Moriah to say she would give two…that would mean she would only get ONE present.  To my surprise, the other three immediately responded as well…two gifts sacrificed a piece!  Moriah then says, “Dad, if those kids are only going to get one gift, then I only want one gift!”  Who is this child?  Mother Teresa?  I was so proud of the girls for giving up their own wants so others could have the joy of opening one gift as well!

It was final!  Blake came home the next night with EIGHT bags to fill with presents!  Each bag had the child’s name, age, and wish list on it!  We chose bags our kiddos’ ages so they would feel like they were giving to a friend.  Then my amazing husband, who is very creative- and intentional about living in the moment, had the girls do something special.  Each one took a turn laying their two bags in front of them and praying over the child to whom it would be given.  WOW!  They did it!   They prayed for each little child and their circumstances, whatever they may have been! I couldn’t have been more content than in that moment!

So Christmas Eve came.  We all sat around the tree, Poppy read the account of Christ’s birth, and we sang a couple of songs.  The girls opened their gift (that is when we do it), and then we spent the rest of the evening playing games with Nana and Poppy!  We had the most fun, laughing and building memories!  I have to say…that one is at the top of my list of favorites!!!!

What is your favorite Christmas memory?christmas-ornamentchristmas-ornament1


2 Responses to “Favorite Christmas Memory”

  1. Holly (Larsen Smith) Says:

    Mine is Christmas of 2007. It was our first year being married and the three of us opened our gifts together before heading out on a CRAZY road trip to visit our extended families. It was really special.

  2. CRAIG Says:

    This post just reminded me that Christmas is around the cornor! Time to break out the Winter clodths!

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