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the waiting…dreamhouse? December 20, 2008

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okay…so i am feeling a little antsy!  we are looking at housing in Nashvegas!  do we rent?  do we buy?  do we buy to invest and then sell?  aahhh…it all makes me want to just get there and be settled!  i have never been very patient in the waiting.  i frustrate myself.  what do i want?  a little 1600 square foot house with a front porch and a couple acres…a low monthly payment so we can get out of debt and bless others in the process…i just want to be wise with God’s money!  that’s all!!!!  and truthfully, i am not one to enjoy the bigness of a house.  i LIKE little houses.  i know that is probably weird, but i feel closer to my family when there aren’t so many walls (not to mention, I don’t really enjoy cleaning all that much!)1_cottage_outside.

what is your dreamhouse?


7 Responses to “the waiting…dreamhouse?”

  1. Joyce aka Nana Says:

    My dreamhouse is one where all my family (11) can sit around my table for meals and when one gets up from the table, the whole crew doesn’t have to shuffle away from the walls. I want room for my grandchildren to play, be themselves, and not be infront of Papa watching TV. I want a pantry and a walk-in closet. I also want a walk-in shower so I can give me and Molly (my chocolate lab) a shower at the same time.
    God is so good, because I moved into my dreamhouse last year. I love it and my grandkids love it. They sometimes cry when they have leave! I act sad with them, but inside I’m saying (YES!!) Of course, I know their crying has nothing to do with me, it’s that they aren’t through playing or they have to leave Molly!!!!
    I pray whatever your dreamhouse is, it will bring joy to you and your family.

  2. Julianne Brimner Says:

    I think my dream house is were I am now, if only it had a garage. Last night there were I think 21 ladies (mw’s and their daughters) packed into our house and it was wonderful. We could have found room for 5 more though. One of the new ladies commented on how peaceful our home made her feel. Made me realize that it is never about the size of our house, but the size of our heart. And your heart is so big Ally that I know whatever God provides in Nashville will be shared for His glory. By the way they all loved your blog that I shared with them last night. Brought tears to our eyes.
    Love you.

  3. Pamela Says:

    Lovely house in the picture! Our dreamhouses sound alike…except that I have to have at least 1900 sq ft…we have 1800 now! I married an only that grew up in 2200 sq ft…SERIOUSLY!!! and he could use just a bit more room for his home office!
    My girls are 18 and 15, and we have lived in the same house for 12 yrs. I can so see in my mind, of course, my grandchildren playing under my feet in my kitchen one day! I don’t have the acreage but that is okay…hubs only wants to take care of a small yard!
    I love the reference to NashVegas!!! That is too funny!

  4. Theresa Says:

    I prefer a smaller home too. Sometimes when I watch HGTV and I hear people say they need more room and they are living in 3600 sqft and they are looking at homes that are 5000 sq ft. I am just shocked. I wouldn’t know what to do with all that space. I would have to have someone come move their family in with me. 🙂 OH and Please can you bring Alice from The Brady Bunch too. LOL

    Our home is about 2000 sq ft and we could use an extra room because we are taking care of my father in law. We are making do though. It is all good.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Okay all of you girls are way too good for me! I want a big house! I love to have people ( family or not ) over for dinner, swimming, hanging out, or just looking for a place to hide away from the world. I would love to have at least one more room for guests and… a much bigger closet!There! I said it! I hope you won’t think less of me. “God’s still working on me.” Isn’t that the saying?
    We currently have a couple acres and although I could live without the maintenance, I know that my children would never forgive me if it was my decision to give it up. They are constantly outside! We got a Wii last year and still don’t have it hooked up. We are never really still.
    So my advise is to search for a home with some character and a few trees to climb. Choose little knobs and curtains that make you smile when you look at them and put a chandelier in a bathroom or somewhere unexpected. I have a glass door on my powder room (yes, a curtain covers it). It always freaks people out, which makes me smile!
    Most of all bring your hubby and your babies and make a cuddle spot. That will make it feel like home!
    Wish you well in your house hunting. Are you using it has good pics. You can also google map locations and go to the street view to see what it looks like when they are not selling!;)

  6. Lisa Says:

    ps don’t forget that you can look up the previous sale on the local county assesors page.

  7. Holly (Larsen Smith) Says:

    Our house now is great, except for a plumbing and electrical problem. It has about 2000 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms, nice sized kitchen (but lacking counter space), nice big fenced yard, and a garage. If it weren’t for a few problems we’d probably stay here for a long time. I enjoy the size but not the cleaning. We have 2 cats and a dog and they’re all really happy with the space and the yard. We have room for guests and all my books (which is quite a feat.) if the landlord fixes the problem we could easily stay here until Jack graduates in 6 years. After that I want a townhouse or something. Since we’re not having any more kids we definitely need to downsize in a few years.

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