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girlfriends! December 19, 2008

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So I have several very close girlfriends.  They live all over  the country, and currently none of them in my same city.  None the less, that doesn’t make our friendship more distant or strained in any way.  But this morning I got up thinking about all my girlfriends. Let me tell you about a few of them.   I have a friend who has been my friend since we were four years old.  That would be 28 years!   She and I have been so blessed to have continued our friendship, like we dreamed about as kids.  I have another friend who is like my twin.  I don’t understand how there can be someone out there that I don’t meet until I’m 27 and yet have so many similarities.  Another friend who is 45 and quite the opposite of me in many ways.  And yet…God brought our lives together at a time He knew I would really need it!  And then I have a friend that was given to me at birth.  Many of you women out there probably think I am talking about 100_1301my mother.  And although I was very close to her, she passed away 9 years ago.  So no I am not talking about her…I am talking about my older sister.  I am so thankful that God gave me a sister so tender and sweet.  I wish as kids we would have been better friends, but now we can’t hardly go a day without talking.

With our move ahead of us, and new friendships to be had…it made me thankful for all the close friends I have now.

So I want to know about your girlfriends!  Tell me…


10 Responses to “girlfriends!”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Ally, I could’ve written that blog! I am exactly the same way. I have two VERY close friends right here in my city, but the ones that I have roots with, that inspire me to be a better Christian, more loving etc., are all over the country and world! I have often asked God and wondered why I couldn’t be closer to my sister in Ukraine or my best friend in Denver, and Kansas….God’s answer is simple. He has us spread out like Light spreads out. We have all one originating spot- CHRIST–and as we shine His light, it gets bigger and broader. He doesn’t want his light all in one spot–but all over the world! I praise GOd for technology so that I can email, send pictures and even skype my friends! And I praise him that we have an eternal “girlfriend” time in Heaven! BTW, you are one of those most inspiring friends I’d dearly love to be closer to! Love you, Heidiho

  2. Ristiroo Says:

    Okay, Evie,

    My closest friends included, but not limited too….

    One who I have known for 17 years and I am so thankful she gave birth to my husband…she is my Naomi!! One who I have know since the summer of 2002 and who will hopefully be Joseph’s mother-in-law some day. One who kept me sane through those southern Georgia years and we both went through our first pregnancies together. I haven’t talked to her in quite a long time, but she knows who she is….The incredible combination of two women in Italy, without them both I never would have made it. AND then there’s you, Allyson Eve….I love that I can call you on the phone, sing one line from an old song and hang up and know you know exactly what I was thinking about, and no one else can have a Momma moment with me but you (okay, maybe Hildy Dawn…but not exactly) and no one loves my boys energy like you do….so forget those things you said to me when you were twelve (I HAVE)and let’s relish what God has made. DON’T MESS WITH THE SISTERS!!

  3. Theresa Says:

    I am praying for your move to be an easy one and that Nashville will feel like Home to you quickly.

    I grew up with a few friends and we are still friends. In November of 2007 I went to Hawaii with one because she is the oldest of us and she was turning 40. This last September I turned 40 and a different girlfriend came and spent my birthday with me. She is the youngest of us and will be 40 in 2009. I find that these friendships that have gone on for decades are so precious.

    As I have moved around in my adult life, I have meet and become friends with more women. I find as I get older though that there is a difference between being friendly and being friends. I carry around a group of women from my adulthood that are also as precious to me as my childhood friends.

    I am blessed to have such great friends to pray for and to have praying for me! No matter where you are a true friend is still with you in your heart. When you can pick up a phone and call a friend you haven’t talked to in months and it is like you just saw them yesterday….that is a friendship to hold on too!

  4. Pamela Says:

    I feel very much like you towards my big Sis. I also wish we had been closer growing up, and our children now don’t always get along, but we are still best friends forever!
    I found your blog by following crumbs on Without Wax and hope to pop back in from time to time. Enjoy the move to Nashville, I grew up in that area but now live close to Dallas.

    • allyberg Says:

      I hope this replies to all of you! Thanks so much for leaving the comments you did! I love hearing about all the friends you have and how precious they are to you! Keep it coming!

  5. Joyce aka Nana Says:

    Ally, I love you not only as one of my friends, but like a daughter I never had. You do understand though, you are ranked #3. I am so grateful to God for bringing you into my life through Krista. What a dynamic duo you two are!
    I believe if we have one true friend in life, we are truly blessed. When I thing of true friends, two immediately jump into my mind. We can go for months without talking, then when we do, it’s like we had never been apart. My friends understand me and still love me. One of my forever friends. Age doesn’t matter because we walk on equal ground. We have been friends 30+ years ago. At that time, I was a working mother with two grade school boys. She raised 3 boys, so she understood my world. When Greg was too sick to go to school, I would call Judy and she eagerly invited him over for the day. When I would pick him up, he would be “completely” healed. I was sure he faked it sometimes. When I no longer needed her as a nurse and my boys were into the teen phase, she stopped being my personal sick-day provider and became my counselor. One day I told her how much I loved and appreciated how she had always been there for me and my boys, and that I would never be able to repay her. What she said greatly influenced my life. She said, “you don’t have to repay me because I loved doing it, just do it for another mother and you’ll receive the blessing.”
    My Father is such a clever One. He teaches me things He wants me to know through those He puts in my path. Friends are His most valuable tools.

    • allyberg Says:

      I love you too Joyce! When I talk about you…I always say-my other “mother in law”! You are so precious to me! Thanks for welcoming my gang into your family right along with Krista’s! I love you!

  6. Lisa Says:


    Enjoyed this post! Because John and I have moved around so much I don’t have any really close girlfriends that I have kept long term which is unfortunate. I have; however, become close to my older sister who now lives in Louisville. Since I was the “little sister” I never had the opportunity to get to know my two older sisters very well in my younger years. My sister and I now talk on the phone pretty much every week–quite often several times. I am so enjoying this renewed relationship and friendship in our adult years! 🙂

  7. Holly (Larsen Smith) Says:

    I live in Dallas and my best friend lives in San Diego. We’ve been friends for almost 13 years now. She’s my soul-mate because we just get each other. I would also count my sister as a girlfriend because she’s always there when I need her and I’m there for her. That’s about it really. Life is so busy that I regret not being able to properly nurture relationsips with the other extraordinary women in my life.

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